The history of the legendary Mustang jeans brand began in Germany in 1932. It specialized in jeans with classic cuts which are a cult element of the Mustang company to this day. Very comfortable Mustang models of pants became popular worldwide. In time people started calling them ‘immortal’ because sue to their make quality they can be worn for a few seasons. Today the offer of the Mustang True denim brand is much broader. We create a collection of fashionable clothes, stylish accessories and shoes. The Mustang shoes both in women’s and men’s collections are of course the broadest variety. The Mustang shoes style reflects the typical style of the brand in every detail while maintaining classic elements characteristic for the brand with a logo of a wild mustang. It combines timeless classics with fashion trends to create original models. Thanks to Mustang shoes you can confirm your uniqueness and independence. A team of designers combines timeless classics with the newest trends, thus creating original projects. The Mustang advertising slogan says it all: “True style never dies…”. Currently the Mustang True denim brand offers men’s and women’s shoes and the main types of produced shoes are shoes, booties, cowboy boots and sneakers. We offer a broad range of sizes and cuts of Mustang jeans. The pants collection is divided into men’s and women’s pants. The men’s pants are designated as Tramper, Vegas, Oregon, Michigan, Washington, Big Sur, Chino, BostenK, Frisco. The men’s jeans collections are Jasmin, Sissy, Rebecca, Julia, Caro, Gina, Mia, Moms. Mustang clothing is also popular among young people, mainly because of high quality, model manufacture and an extraordinary style. Our team of designers do their best to make Mustang clothes, shoes and accessories reflect a typical brand style and maintain classic elements characteristic for the Mustang brand. We try to combine timeless classics with fashion trends. Supplement your wardrobe with a piece of the Mustang brand today. The store offers a wide range of Mustang brand clothing, leather belts, shoes and underwear. Who does not know the globally known clothing brand, especially jeans, inspired by the American lifestyle? The Mustang brand has symbolized the freedom of the American “Wild West” and has been understood both in English-speaking countries and domestically – in Germany. Creators of jeans gradually added other accessories to production which would fit the style and form complete clothing. Belts, shoes, leather products and especially clothing are among them.

After a success on global clothing markets the Mustang brand decided on producing shoes. This happened quite recently, only a few years ago. When we look at Mustang shoes, we have no doubt who created them. In the stylization of the shoes of this brand we can notice the same characteristic design. Each Mustang shoe reflects the typical classic and individual style of this brand because these shoes maintain elements of shoes typical for the brand with a logo of a wild mustang. Thanks to Mustang shoes you can confirm your uniqueness and individual style. A team of designers combines timeless classics with modern trends, creating original projects. The advertising slogan of Mustang speaks for itself: “True style never dies” Mustang shoes are the business card of the German fashion brand because they rely on great trends and stylish shoes inspired by the Wild West.They were born from real passion of designers creating innovative and inventive shoe projects. They are characterized must of all by a style which cannot be mistaken by any other. Mustang men’s and women’s shoes are characterized by a fondness for detail which makes them find fans all over the world. An exceptional line of shoes is created in many ways and thus forms a broad collection which we can present in the store. Mustang shoes are highly comfortable to wear, have an inventive design which is created with a combination of natural and synthetic materials – eco-friendly leather. The Mustang brand is a combination of everyday elegance and worldwide fashion trends. It is only up to you which models you will choose. A wide offer of women’s and men’s clothing in an interesting color combination will make you not want to remain with one pair.

Mustang boots women's 49C-953 (1141-606-666)

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Product code/SKU: 49C-953



Upper material: synthetic leather
Lining: fur lined
Fastening: zip
Sole: synthetic
Shaft width: cm
Shaft height: cm
Heel height: cm



Composition: cuir écologique
Doublure: fourrée
Type de fermeture: fermeture éclair
Semelle exterieure: synthétique
Largeur de la tige: cm
Hauter de la tige: cm
Hauteur de talon: cm



Felsőrész: öko bőr
Bélés: szőrmebélés
Bekötés: cipzáras
Talp: műanyag
A szár szélessége: cm
A szár magassága: cm
A sarok magassága: cm



Zunanji material: eko usnje
Podloga: krzno
Zapiranje: na zadrge
Podplat: plastičen
Širina zgornjega dela: cm
Višina zgornjega dela: cm
Višina petke: cm



Materiaal buitenlaag: imitatieleer
Binnenzool: bont
Sluiting: ritsluiting
Zool: kunststof
Schachtwijdte: cm
Schachthoogte: cm
Hakhoogte: cm



Materiaal buitenlaag: imitatieleer
Binnenzool: bont
Sluiting: ritsluiting
Zool: kunststof
Schachtwijdte: cm
Schachthoogte: cm
Hakhoogte: cm



Udvendigt materiale: kunststof
Indre materiale: pels
Lukning: lynlås
Sål: kunststof
Bredden af skaftet: cm
Højden af skaftet: cm
Højhælede sko: cm



Yttermaterial: eco-läder
Insida: päls
Stängning: blixtlås 
Sula: syntet
Skaftvidd: cm
Skafthöjd: cm
Klackhöjd: cm



Pintamateriaali: tekonahka
Täyte: turkis
Kiinnitys: vetoketju
Pohja: muovi
Varren leveys: cm
Varren korkeus: cm
Koron korkeus: cm



Overmateriale: kunstskinn
Innermateriale: pels
Lukking: glidelås
Såle: plast
Skaftbredde: cm
Skafthøyde: cm
Hælhøyde: cm



Exterior: piel ecológica
Forro: pelo
Cierre: cremallera
Suela: material sintético
Anchura de la parte superior: cm
Altura de la parte superior: cm
Altura del tacón: cm



Materiale esterno: pelle ecologica
Fodera: pelliccetta
Chiusura: zip
Suola: materia plastica
Larghezza della tomaia: cm
Altezza della tomaia: cm
Altezza del tacco: cm



Exterior: pele ecológica
Forro: pêlo
Fecho: fecho de corre
Sola: material sintético
Largura da parte superior: cm
Altura da parte superior: cm
Altura do tacão: cm



Išorinė medžiaga: dirbtinė oda
Pamušalas: kailis
Užsegimas: užtrauktukas
Padas: plastmasė
Aulo plotis: cm
Aulo aukštis: cm
Kulno aukštis: cm



Virsas materiāls: mākslīgā āda
Odere: kažokāda
Aizdare: rāvējslēdzējs
Zole: plastmasa
Stulma platums: cm
Stulma augstums: cm
Papēža augstums:cm



Välismaterjal: ökoloogiline nahk
Vooder: karusnaha
Kinnitus: klamber
Kand: polümeer
Ülemise osa laius: cm
Ülemise osa kõrgus: cm
Kanna kõrgus: cm



Матэрыял верху: эка-скура
Падшэўка: мех
Зашпілька: маланка
Падэшва: пластмаса
Шырыня халявы: см
Вышыня халявы: см
Вышыня абцаса: см



Зовнішній матеріал: екошкіра
Підкладка:    хутро
Застібка: блискавка
Підошва: пластмаса
Ширина халяви: см
Висота халяви: см
Висота підбора: см



Vanjski materijal: eko koža
Podstava: krzno
Kopčanje: patentni zatvarač 
Potplat: plastika
Širina gornjišta: cm
Visina gornjišta: cm
Visina pete: cm



Външен материал: еко кожа
Хастар: естествен хастар
Затваране: цип
Ходило: пластмаса
Ширина на модела: см
Височина на модела от петата нагоре: см
Височина на тока: см



Material exterior: piele ecologică
Căptuşeala: blăniţă
Încheietură: fermoar
Talpa: material plastic
Lăţimea carâmbului: cm
Înălţimea carâmbului: cm
Înălţimea tocurilor: cm



Εξωτερικό υλικό: εκολογικό δέρμα
Η φόδρα: γούνα
Κούμπωμα: κλειδαριά
Το πέλμα: πλαστικό
Το πλάτος του επάνω μέρους: cm
Το ύψος του επάνω μέρους: cm
Το ύψος τακουνιών: cm



Спољашњи материјал: еко кожа
Постава: крзно
Закопчавање: патент-затварач
Ђон: пластика
Ширина горњи: см
Висина горњи: см
Висина пете: см



Надворешниот материјал: еко кожа
Поставата:  крзно
Затворач: патент-затворач 
Ѓон: пластика
Ширина на горните: см
Висина на горниот дел: см
Висина на потпетици: см


EUROPE 36 37 38 39 40 41
UK 3.5 4 5 5.5 6.5 7.5
CM 23 24 24,5 25 26 26,5




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